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Virtual IC 2020!

Updated: Jul 23

This just in from the office of the CS!


Due to COVID and the postponement of BayCon 2020 to early November, we are going to have a virtual "mini-IC" on Saturday, 1st AUGUST! This will be held via Zoom, and it will be recorded, for later viewing as well.

THERE IS NO CHARGE to attend!! (Donations to ic@sfi.org are always welcome, though.)

Start time is 12 NOON at CDT (Paducah, KY) for this Virtual IC. That's 1pm EDT (Atlanta, GA), 11am MDT (Denver, CO), and 10am PDT (San Francisco). For those overseas, it's 6pm BST (London/R20) and 7pm CEST (Paris/R9 East and Jo'burg/R8), 5pm GMT (Iceland/R9 West).

R11 will be Sunday morning (2nd August) at 5am(Auckland) and 3am(Sydney), but they can also watch the recorded videos on Sunday afternoon if they don't wish to get up early/stay up late. Possibly y'all Down Under can host some group viewings?

(https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html for doublechecking.)

Events to be included, more or less in this order:

Opening Ceremony with our esteemed Commander, STARFLEET

Chapter Roll Call

Meet the Brass: EC and RC introductions

General Session

IC2021 informational video

IC2021 Q&A

Final Mission video

Awards Ceremony

SFMC Muster

Breakout panels

Closing Ceremony

* * * * * Commander, STARFLEET"


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