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STARFLEET Medical Corps

Updated: Jul 23

The following is a message from the desk of the Surgeon General of STARFLEET Medical:


As Surgeon General, I would like to clarify any confusion you may have regarding the STARFLEET Medical Corps.

STARFLEET Medical Corps is a volunteer community of 243 affiliated members that are oriented toward the health and safety of all STARFLEET members. Our focus is to provide assistance to Regional and Chapter Medical Officers by making public health and medical information, along with other valuable resources available to the members of STARFLEET. This is in keeping with the vision of the late-Gene Roddenberry by being dedicated to helping humankind attain noble goals and ideals and operationalize the “Let me help” principle set forth in both the Television series and Movies.

Even though there are several licensed medical professionals in STARFLEET Medical Corps, we do not issue medical advice to anyone, but encourage them to pursue professional medical attention for any concerns they may have.

It is our collective goal to make sure the health of our members is primary by keeping them up to date on advancements in medicine (i.e. procedures, medications and other health care innovations) in their respective countries and communities.

We also feel that by encouraging our members to learn CPR, Basic First Aid, and becoming more knowledgeable in how to be aware of serious and acute conditions such as stroke, cardiac issues, accident prevention, and related subjects, STARFLEET members and their families will greatly benefit.

The Assistant Surgeon General is considered part of your Regional staffing and requires the RC’s permission to apply.

I would like to thank those RC’s who have already consented to having a STARFLEET Medical representative in your Region, and ask if you do not already have a representative in your Region that you would consider doing so.


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