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SFMC Update: Uniforms and Insignia

Effective immediately, the old SFMC "salt and pepper" uniform and related insignia is being phased out per SFMC leadership and is no longer to be worn in official SFMC capacity.

From the desk of Brian Allen, SFMC DepDant: "The S&P is being phased out and not authorized for official wear by members of the SFMC due to their extreme approximation to real world military uniforms worn by the United States and other international countries.

The SFMC will not allow STARFLEET to be subject to any potential future litigation or defamation due to claims of stolen valor or its members being mistaken for real world military personnel.

In that, if you, as the OIC, authorize your members to wear any previous insignia or uniforms now deemed unofficial and phased out from wear you, and your members, accept the responsibility of any legal issues that may arise from that wear. In short, you forfeit all protective status under the STARFLEET umbrella.

If you want to continue to authorize your members to wear unofficial or phased out insignia or uniforms as a local uniform, that's on you. (I also would point you to the local uniform section of the uniform guideline for closer reading.)

Unofficial and phased out insignia or uniforms are not recognized by the SFMC and will not be allowed to be worn at official functions - this includes brigade functions. If worn then we can and will be the 'uniform police' and tell the member to remove the uniform in order to safeguard the SFMC and STARFLEET from potential harm. "


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