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Open STARFLEET Academy positions!

If anyone from the region is in the market for an Academy position, now's the time!

"There are positions currently available in STARFLEET Academy, CES Office. - ASSISTANT DEAN, INSTITUTE OF INTELLIGENCE AND ESPIONAGE http://sfi.org/hr/assistant-dean-institute-of-intelligence-and-espionage/ - ASSISTANT DEAN, INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES http://sfi.org/hr/assistant-dean-institute-of-international-studies/ - ASSISTANT DEAN, INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE http://sfi.org/hr/assistant-dean-institute-of-science/ - ASSISTANT DEAN, INSTITUTE OF SPACE STUDIES http://sfi.org/hr/assistant-dean-institute-of-space-studies/ - ASSISTANT DEAN, INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY http://sfi.org/hr/assistant-dean-institute-of-technology/ To apply to these positions, please review the requirements posted in the links and fill out the application linked. Applications for this position will remain open until April 10, 2020. You may find more open positions at http://hr.sfi.org. All applications will be forwarded to the appropriate department. We look forward to your applications! Thank you, RADM Melissa Comeau Director of Human Resources, STARFLEET "Let Me Help!" hr@sfi.org"


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