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Humanoid Resources Website!

Hello everyone! I come bearing good news - STARFLEET Humanoid resources has it's own website now. Here's the announcement from HQ:

"Humanoid Resources has a wonderful announcement for you all! After many requests for the HR information to be directly on the STARFLEET website, we would like to announce that http://hr.sfi.org is now open! On the HR website, you can: * Filter open positions by department * View position descriptions and requirements * Apply directly to open positions * Upload your resume directly to the application * Link positions to other people (There are custom URLs for every open position) If you have already applied using the Google Form, all applications have been forwarded onto their appropriate departments and we will no longer be accepting new applications from that form starting today. The Google Form will go inactive in 60 days from this notification (April 19, 2020), and applications will be purged from the Google Form at that time. Note: If you are an EC member, or other authorized department head, that would like to have an open position posted to the HR website, please use the HR Job Submission Form at http://hrform.sfi.org. Remember, to apply to a position now, you can just go to http://hr.sfi.org. Please feel free to contact me at hr@sfi.org if you have any questions. RADM Melissa Comeau Humanoid Resources, STARFLEET"


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