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Assistant Inspector General positions open!

Updated: Jul 23

Hello all! This just came in from the IG office of STARFLEET command:

"Assistant Inspector General Job Announcement The STARFLEET Inspector General is accepting applications for the position of Assistant Inspector General. This position is one per IG quadrant. Persons wishing to apply for this job must meet the requirements described and be willing to serve in the position for a period of two years from the date of the appointment. Understand that the Inspector General of STARFLEET has the right to terminate the position at any point he/she deems necessary and appoint as many AIGs per quadrant as necessary.

Application period will be from April 10 thru May 10, 2020. Please submit applications to the STARFLEET IG at ig@sfi.org.


  • In accordance with the IG handbook applicants must be 23 years of age or older.

  • You must have passed OTS and OCC and not have any adverse current or previous IG investigation actions against them.

  • You must be willing to serve a two-year term in the position.

  • You must have a working computer and current email account.

  • Applicants cannot be currently serving as an RC or on the Executive Committee of STARFLEET. Those personnel in those positions wishing to apply for the position must step down from the current job.

Applications: Those wishing to apply for the position must provide a statement that they meet the criteria above along with their proof of graduation from OTS and OCC. You will also need to submit a real world and STARFLEET biography highlighting your current job and STARFLEET job along with a statement as to why you would like to serve as an Assistant IG. You should also provide information on any background experience relative to serving in such a position.

Job Description: The Assistant Inspector General serves under the Inspector General of STARLFEET. The key functions include assisting the STARFLEET IG in conducing investigations and assisting in the conduct of Regional Coordinator elections as deemed fit by the STARFLEET IG. Those serving in this position represent the highest caliber of integrity and professionalism in the fleet. Assistant Inspector Generals will have to handle sensitive material and information and must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality. Those found not worthy of that high level of professionalism can be dismissed from the position at the discretion of the Inspector General STARFLEET. Assistant IGs work directly for the IG STARFLEET but also serve as a liaison with their respective Regional Coordinators. But please understand the AIGs do not work for the RC. They work directly for the IG STARFLEET.

Quadrant Alpha: Consist of regions 1,2,6, 7, 15, 18 Quadrant Beta: Consist of regions 3, 4 ,5,12, 17 Quadrant Delta: Consist of regions 10, 13 Quadrant Gamma: Consist of regions 8, 9, 11, 20

Commodore Inspector General STARFLEET"


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