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AB Meeting Notes

Message to the ships and crews of R5 from RC Fleet Captain Mitch Dunn:

"At Ease Fifth Fleet.

The Admirality Board met on Saturday morning to discuss and vote on two items. Of the two, one that pertains to us is the second item on the docket. This one pertains to secondary or Sub groups within STARFLEET, and that includes SFMC, MACOS, Engineering, Science, etc etc etc.

Essentially, and due to earlier changes made, and a realization that this needed a solid clarification by the board as to what the Regional Coordinators as a whole actually needs to effectively represent the region's membership. We do not want to be in charge of your side groups, but we would like to know how things are going, and a voice in major decisions.

The VCS has provided his minutes to us, and the relevant section as well as a link to the recording of the entire meeting, are provided below.

Yours In Service Fleet Captain / Brigadier Mitch "Raven" Dunn, RC 5th Fleet"


Edit: Meeting notes and audio recordings have been snipped at request of Office of the VCS. Full meeting notes will be available in future, but as these were the rough notes, they are considered classified.

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