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3rd Brigade Virtual Muster!

Updated: Jul 23

Per RC Vi, this is being posted so SFMC from R5 have the chance to go visit another region's events!

"The Officer-in-Charge, Third Brigade, Second Division, STARFLEET Marines requests the pleasure of your company at a BRIGADE VIRTUAL DRESS MESS & MUSTER in honor of our 2019 Valor Award Winners and to reflect on the past year as well as a chance to interact with the Brigade Staff.

Please pass this along to your crews.

The following events will be Live Streamed to the Third Brigade’s Facebook Group and Third Brigade’s website (courtesy of USS CORSAIR’s YouTube account)

To post questions and interact during the live stream (be sure you're a member of the Facebook group BEFORE the event - we may not have time to approve you at last minute)



NOTE to interact via Facebook:

The person commenting needs to give StreamYard permission to access their name and picture. Once they’ve granted permission, all future comments will show their information. We’ve created a page to get their permission.

Follow these steps:

  1. Inform your viewers of the situation. If they would like to comment  on your stream, they need to give StreamYard permission to access their name and picture.

  2. Send them to streamyard.com/facebook

  3. If they grant access, all future comments will include their name and picture on StreamYard.

Note that users who are not planning to comment do not need to do this.


*Dress Mess - Friday 17JUL2020 @ 20:00hrs (no time limit but would like to shoot for 60-90mins tops)*

A couple "veteran Dress Mess" folks from 3BDE will walk people through what to expect at a mess and share some (embarrassing) stories. The event will conclude with the announcement of the Third Brigade Valor Award winners.

*Brigade Muster - Saturday 18JUL2020 @ 1300hrs (time limit 1hr)*

A majority of the 3BDE Staff will be online discussing what’s happening in the Brigade as well as additional award announcements. A special link will be given to record attendance to qualify for the Brigade Muster Award.

*Meet the SFMC General Staff - Saturday 18JUL2020 @ 1400hrs (time limit 1hr)*

The Brigade will host a chance for the GENERAL STAFF to do am overview of the State of the Corps and Q&A with the troops.

Remember this will be a LIVE event.

Any comments, questions or concerns, please let me know.  Looking forward to breaking new barriers with new technology for the SFMC.


Lieutenant General, SFMC

OIC, Third Brigade"


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