Do you love Star Trek and STARFLEET International, but feel like you're missing something? Want to feel more like a MACO from Enterprise than a regular member of a Starfleet crew? We have just the place for you! 

The Fifth Brigade, better known as the Birds of Prey, is a division of the STARFLEET Marine Corps, a group of costumers and occasional role players who prefer their Star Trek fandom with a more military feel than the regular fleet offers them.  Some SFMC are military members (current or former), and some are simply people who prefer The only requirement for joining the SFMC are a current STARFLEET International membership and a love of military (either fictional or real).


The SFMC work alongside members of the fleet at events and in chapter projects and meetings, but occasionally hold their own special fund raisers and events. They have their own unique ranks and Academy courses, as well as a set of uniforms that identify them as a different sort of STARFLEET!

If you would like more information about the Birds of Prey or the SFMC in general, please visit the SFMC main website, check out the Fifth Brigade's Facebook page, or contact their Officer in Charge today!

Current SFMC Members/OICs please take note of this important announcement regarding the status of insignia and the "Salt and Pepper" uniform!


Col. Patrick Devine


Col. Laurie McAndrew


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