Region Five (otherwise known as the Fifth Fleet) is one of twenty geographically grouped clusters of chapters within STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Club. It encompasses all STARFLEET chapters within Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington in the United States. 


All Region Five chapters are either meeting (meaning you get to physically hang out with your new friends) or correspondence (meaning they either run via mail or the internet) chapters, and they all consist of dedicated and friendly fans of Star Trek in all its forms over the last half century and counting, other sci-fi, and fantasy properties - all of whom would love to meet you if you have any interest in similar things!

Chapters in Region Five are styled after ships, shuttles, or starbases from Star Trek series canon, and chances are you'll find one of your favorite ship types on our roster. Every chapter is a little different, but the types of activities you can expect from us include, but are definitely not limited to, movie and series watching nights, charity work, convention meet-ups, game nights, prop building, and more!

If you do have interest in meeting other fans in your area and joining us in our love and celebration of Star Trek, please check out our chapters page and look for one that suits your needs. All our chapters are currently open to new recruits, and we would be more than happy to hear from you soon, so don't hesitate to visit their websites or email their commanding officers as listed! 


Vi Curtis

USS Wolf 359


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